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We offer many unique solutions for investors interested buying or refinancing multi-family housing throughout the country.  These loans are offered to US citizens as well as foreign investors.


VA Loans

VA loans offered with zero down in all markets.  Veterans can take advantage of zero down payment and no monthly MI (mortgage insurance) with this loan that is offered in fixed and adjustable rate (ARM) terms.


Fix and Flip/Fix and Keep

Residential rehab loans offered to experienced and inexperienced flippers.  If are looking at doing a flip to sell or to keep as a rental, we have you covered.


Foreign National

Loans for NON-Residents who want to buy or refinance property in the US as a second home or investment property.  The loans do not require a US credit score, but having one improves the rate and term.  We offer loans for up to 10 units.




Real Estate Investor loans, Fannie Mae, and Cash-Flow based loans (DSCR - Debt Service Coverage Ratio).  DSCR loans are qualified using the potential or current cash flow on an income generating property.  No need for any income documentation from the borrower.



Loans on all types of condos, Fannie Mae warrantable, non-warrantable, and even condo hotels. Short-term rental income allowed for investment property qualification.


Unlocking Opportunities: Your Path to Multi-Family Apartment Building Ownership in the US

In an increasingly globalized world, the United States remains a land of opportunity for both its citizens and foreign nationals seeking to invest in real estate. One of the most promising avenues for investment is the multi-family apartment building market. To facilitate these aspirations, a forward-thinking mortgage brokerage has emerged, offering innovative financing solutions that empower both US citizens and foreign nationals to realize their dreams of owning multi-family apartment buildings across the US.

At the heart of this mortgage brokerage's mission is the belief that real estate investment should be accessible to everyone, transcending geographical boundaries. 

For US citizens, the mortgage brokerage offers a range of tailored financing solutions that take into account individual financial situations and investment goals. 

Providing competitive interest rates and flexible terms, traditional mortgages enable US citizens to enter the real estate market with ease. The company's team of experts assists in selecting the right mortgage plan that aligns with each investor's financial capacity and long-term objectives.

For those looking to expand their investment portfolio with multiple multi-family apartment buildings, portfolio financing offers a comprehensive solution. This financing strategy streamlines the process and maximizes the potential for growth.

Recognizing the potential of foreign nationals in contributing to the US real estate market, our mortgage brokerage extends its services to international investors through specialized programs.

Tailored to the unique needs of non-US citizens, these loans provide the means to invest in multi-family apartment buildings across the country. The company's expertise in navigating complex financial regulations and cross-border transactions ensures a seamless experience.




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