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Fannie Mae LTV

This chart shows the MAX Loan -to -Value (LTV) available for a Fannie Mae Approved CONDOS with excellent credit in an approved area. Be aware that there are always exceptions to this chart depending on location (Florida has some restrictions) and project approval (Fannie Mae building approval) type. Many factors can make the minimum down payment larger, but this is a good starting point.
If you’re buying a condo, it’s considered a one unit, a duplex is two units, etc.


Fannie Mae LTV

Fannie Mae project approvals take into account many factors regarding the building before issuing an approval.

Here are just a few examples: Concentration of investor owned units, percentage of space used for retail, percentage of ownership by one entity, pending litigation, reserve analysis, etc.

Since the condo is a group ownership structure the investor has to make sure it’s a group they want to be a part of and not liability. They vet the building accordingly.