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Fix and Flip Loans

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We offer Fix and Flip and Fix and Keep loans used by real estate investors to fund property acquisitions and renovations.

The fix and flip approach involves purchasing a property, often distressed or undervalued, making necessary improvements or renovations, and then selling it quickly for a profit. Investors typically seek short-term financing, such as hard money loans or bridge loans, to cover the purchase price and renovation costs. These loans have higher interest rates and shorter repayment periods, but they offer quick access to capital, enabling investors to move swiftly in competitive real estate markets. The goal is to enhance the property's value and sell it at a higher price within a short timeframe, turning a profit on the investment.

Both fix and flip and fix and keep loans are valuable tools for real estate investors, offering different financial structures to suit distinct investment strategies - quick, high-return sales in the case of fix and flip, and long-term wealth-building or income generation for fix and keep. Understanding the specific goals of the investment project helps investors choose the most appropriate financing option to optimize their returns.

We also offer Ground-Up construction loans for builders.

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